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The Pedia•SAL™ is a different type of collector altogether, integrating a passive collection process with soother design to not only collect but also relax the newborn.


SimplOFy™ is a new kit for the standardized collection of 2.0 mL of whole saliva in the simplest way possible. The sample is immediately preserved by a dried stabilizing solution coated to the inside of the tube cap, which stabilizes DNA upon contact. The…

Micro•SAL™ for Animals

The Micro•SAL™ Small Animal Saliva Collection Device is intended for the controlled, standardized collection and  transportation of oral fluid (saliva) specimens from small animals for subsequent testing, analysis, or research applications. The devices do not provide any diagnosis of disease….


The Accu•SAL™ Oral Fluid Collection System is a proprietary patented kit for the standardized collection of whole saliva from the side of the tongue in the mouth.

Mini•SAL™ and Midi•SAL™

Oasis Diagnostics provides the Mini•SAL™ and Midi•SAL™ DNA isolation kits for superior extraction of high-quality genomic DNA from saliva and/or buccal cells.


Pure•SAL™ was developed for the controlled and standardized collection of RNA or protein biomarkers from oral fluid specimens for subsequent stabilization and analysis in life science and research applications.


Saliva Collection Kit, Catalog Number SSAL-601. The Super•SAL™ Universal Saliva Collection kit works by collection of whole saliva along the side of the tongue in the mouth by means of a highly absorbent cylindrical-shaped pad.


DNA•SAL™ is a revolutionary salivary DNA collection kit used for the collection of DNA from saliva. The device scrapes cells and saliva in the mouth via a series of serrated edges resulting in the accumulation of a mixture of oral fluids (saliva) and cells that are trapped in an array of voids on the plastic body of the DNA•SAL™ device.


The Accu•SAL™ Oral Fluid Collection System is a proprietary patented kit for the standardized collection of whole saliva from the side of the tongue in the mouth.


Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI), that is extremely common among sexually active adults around the world. Despite how common it has become, knowledge of the virus is not well disseminated, partially due to the fact that many…


The modular design of the RNAPro•SAL™ Split Sample Kit for Liquid Biopsy is ideally suited for the purification of salivary samples for multiple applications. Custom options allow for the collection and stabilization of RNA, proteins, or both simultaneously.

Micro•SAL™ for Children

The Micro•SAL™ for Children Saliva Collection Kit is an excellent kit for the collection of saliva samples from younger children who may be too old to use the Pedia•SAL™ Infant Salivary Collection Kit. A reduced size collector has a small soft pad which wicks…

VerOFy® & LIAM™

VerOFy® is a unique platform technology that incorporates rapid and standardized saliva [oral fluid] collection with high quality immunochromatographic test strips providing a system for delivery of immediate results in field or point-of-care locations.


Large volume, split sample saliva collection kit, Catalog Number OAS-US2 – The UltraSal-2™ saliva collection kit is a multipurpose collection kit for the collection of large volumes of saliva [up to 24 mL] collected into each of two tubes simultaneously.

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