The UltraSal-2™ saliva collection kit is for the collection of medium to large volume oral “whole” fluid / saliva samples. UltraSal-2™ automatically splits the saliva specimen into two aliquots in separate large volume collection tubes of 12 mL each. A total of 24 mL of saliva can be collected by “passive drool” using the kit. The first  tube may be used for testing while the second may be used for confirmation of results or stored for possible future use.

Instruction for Collection of Samples:

  1. Hold the assembled UltraSal-2™ collector in a manner that keeps the collection tubes close to vertical.
  2. Avoid swallowing to create a pool of saliva / oral fluids in the mouth.
  3. Place the hole in the top of the mouthpiece to the lips, and begin expectorating saliva (releasing oral fluid) through the hole and into the device. Do not blow vigorously into the device.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until an adequate volume of saliva / oral fluid has been collected for the type of testing being conducted. Rotate or tip the device as necessary to direct the flow of saliva (oral fluid) into one or both tubes as required. Collection should be stopped if the level of fluid or bubbles touch the lower tip of the outlets.
  5. Remove the collection tubes by holding the UltraSal-2™ base in one hand, grasping a tube in the second hand and pushing on the bottom of the base with the thumb of the second hand. Firmly insert a blue cap into the top of each collection tube for storage or transportation.