Envelope-size Transport Package

The smallest possible envelope-size package is in format 14/D, 180×265 mm, with a thickness of 10 mm. It has a 3-layer bubble foil inside and is produced by MDPE/LDPE 100my foil which is thicker and gives better damage and humidity protection. There are also 4 other larger formats available.

Such envelopes are for transport where the temperature inside the packaging is not crucial (e.g. in case where the tubes preserve the sample sufficiently) or when the temperature is irrelevant. Such envelopes are generally the best for samples that are EHS marked (Exempt Human Specimen) where the pathogen likelihood is minimal (e.g. saliva), but also for UN3373, B category. It also depends on the country and their MoHs’ regulations / recommendations. In some countries there have to be a rigid outer packing for sample transport, while in other countries, envelopes or bags are allowed as well, for EHS, UN3373, or even infectious samples (e.g. the Netherlands). Generally if the envelope is well protected (in case of leakage), according to DGR/ADR recommendations, every kind of sample can be transported in such type of packaging.

If it is necessary to maintain ambient or refrigerated temperatures inside the packaging, we also have special bags and gel packs.

Last but not least, on this type of bags, it is possible to print graphics, such as your company’s logotype.