VerOFy® & LIAM™

Rapid Saliva Point-of-Care Testing

VerOFy® is a unique platform technology that combines rapid and standardized saliva [oral fluid] collection with high quality immunochromatographic test strips providing a system for delivery of immediate results in field or point-of-care locations.

The VerOFy® technology is currently being developed to provide a qualitative or quantitative assessment of biomarker levels, multiple diseases or disease states, and for use in any setting where immediate results from saliva samples are required.  The simple nature of the test procedure makes the VerOFy® technology an attractive option for use in remote areas, where laboratory facilities are not available or easily accessible, including low resource settings in the Developing World.

Specific applications under development include saliva tests for cortisol, testosterone, and a multiplex test detecting multiple hormone biomarkers.  Future tests include salivary biomarker tests for Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, sleep disorders, Anti-Malarian Hormone (AMH).

How the VerOFy® Device Works

The VerOFy® Rapid, Oral Fluid Test Platform is a unique one step non-invasive point of care testing device. Saliva the pool of saliva that collects in the mouth using a modified Super•SAL™ device the saliva sample is then transferred directly to absorbent material connected to either one or two immunochromatographic test strips located in the VerOFy® device housing.

The unique nature of the VerOFy® platform device enables a series of rapid, multiplex point-of-care tests to be developed at low cost, using saliva samples, with the opportunity for testing in the home, field, or clinic-based settings.

Features / Benefits of the VerOFy® Saliva Testing Device

  • Non-invasive (saliva or urine) specimens
  • Rapid
  • Easy to use
  • Sample volume adequacy indication
  • Confirmation specimen included
  • Multiple disease detection possible from a single sample.
  • Interchangeable collection media
  • Amenable to testing in non-traditional field settings.


LIAM™ (Lite Image Analysis Module) is a portable scanning module for use with the VerOFy® technology. LIAM™ is specifically designed to quantify results from a VerOFy® Rapid, Oral Fluid Test. Following quantification the LIAM™ archives a limited number of results, and also offers the ability to transfer files directly to a smart phone or Bluetooth capable device. LIAM™ is battery powered, light,  hand-held and is capable of operating in hard to reach field locations.

LIAM™ integrates a special analyte identification system that identifies the type of analytes being tested when the VerOFy device is inserted. As future analytes are developed LIAM™ is updated easily with the aid of a Bluetooth capable device to scan new  VerOFy® Rapid Oral Fluid Tests with no additional cost or hardware requirements.