Saliva DNA Collection Kit

DNA•SAL™ is a revolutionary salivary DNA collection kit used for the collection of DNA from saliva. The device abrades cells and saliva in the mouth via a series of serrated edges resulting in the accumulation of a mixture of oral fluids (saliva) and cells that are trapped in an array of voids on the plastic body of the DNA•SAL™ device. The DNA•SAL™ is removed from the mouth and held while a small quantity of a safe rinse solution is taken, “swished” around in the mouth for a few seconds, then transferred by spitting back into the original sample tube. The collection head of the DNA•SAL™ tool is then detached from the handle into the transport tube containing the sample and rinse solution then immediately processed or sent to a laboratory where pure DNA can be extracted. Using multiple isolation kits including the Mini•SAL™ and Midi•SAL™ DNA extraction kit provided by Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation.