Infant Salivary Collection

Pedia•SAL™ is a new collection kit designed with the most fragile patients in mind: infants. In their first days in the world it is key to identify the healthiness of the infant, however there is little or no way to collect a sample in non-invasive fashion that does not cause the child trauma. The Pedia•SAL™ is a different type of collector altogether, integrating a passive collection process with soother design to not only collect but also relax the infant. A trained individual can then take the harvested saliva sample to a number of downstream processes that look for DNA, RNA, proteins, and other components which may be of interest.

Principles of the Kit

The Pedia•SAL™ integrates a perforated soother with a saliva sampling kit. A trained individual places the soother end of the device in the mouth of the  infant, which passively draws saliva into a soft absorptive pad as the child suckles. After the pad saturates, the healthcare worker may then remove the collection portion only, leaving the soother with the child. Saliva can then be expressed from the collector using a compression tube directly into any of a variety of common laboratory vials.