Universal Saliva Collection Kit

The Super•SAL™ Saliva Collection Kit works by collection of saliva from the pool of saliva that collects in the mouth by means of a highly absorbent cylindrical-shaped pad. The Super•SAL™ is intended as a high volume saliva collector [> 1.0 mL] providing a “clean” saliva specimen in approximately 1-3 minutes. The kit has a sample volume adequacy indicator that provides an indication of when sufficient saliva has been collected. Once the sample volume adequacy indicator changes from yellow to blue showing sufficient sample has been collected saliva is separated by compressing the absorbent pad used to collect the sample through a compression chamber into a standard 2mL Eppendorf tube or 1.5 mL microfuge tube. The sample may be used immediately, stabilized for later analysis or sent to a laboratory for subsequent analysis.

Super•SAL™ is a universal sample collection kit which has been used for collection of saliva, vaginal specimens, urine, amniotic fluid, and others. The kit has been used to collect saliva from multiple animal species (cows, horses, pigs, cats, non-human primates, dogs, and humans) and has been used to collect hormones, bacteria, viruses, certain drug molecules and proteins.

Differences between Super•SAL™ and Versi•SAL®

  • Larger sample size for Super•SAL™ is 0.75 mL – 1.2 mL versus 0.7 mL – 1.0 mL for Versi•SAL™, depending upon dimensions of pad material chosen multiple pad types available.
  • Quicker collection time  [1-2 minutes versus 2-3 minutes].
  • Collects in the pool of saliva that collects in the mouth rather than under the tongue.